Tile Types .. All roof tiles are made of non porous materials


Natural Products
Clay tiles and slates are made of natural products & are the same colour through the whole tile.

Clay tiles

These tiles usually come in two coloures, red and black. Being made of clay the colour is constant throughout the tile - even on the black clay tiles. Evidence of which is apparent if heavy moss or debris holds water on the tile causing frost damage during winter, thus breaking the tile.

Slate tiles

These tiles are usually 'Slate' grey in colour and, once again, being a natural product the colouration is constant throughout the tile.

Both of the above tiles are usually unaffected by colour loss during the cleaning process.


There are circumstances whereby NOT all tiles on a property are the same age, type or colour. an example of this is where a new extension has been added. because of the age, type and colour differences, this means that the 'old' tiles can sometimes end up a lighter colour than the 'new' tiles - for these reasons we can not guarantee the end colour of the tiles after cleaning. BUT the important fact is your whole roof will now work as intended.


Man Made Products

Concrete tiles

These tiles come in various shapes and forms and by their very nature are stronger than thier 'natural' counterparts. However, unlike clay or slated tiles, concrete tiles are often made from concrete or a similar base colour. They are finished by bonding a coloured 'Sand Face' to the top surface of the tile. this is purely for colouration.
The 'Sand Face' will weather off normally over time, leaving the tile with a much lighter appearance than when new.

"The majority of concrete tiles manufactured around the world are surface treated ... Surface treatment is perceived to be protecting the tile during the early, critical stages of the products life, and it is recognized in the roofing industry that the surface coating of a concrete roof tile is temporary, usually lasting for approximately 3 years"

"Quoted Sandtoft Roof Tiles"

This in no way detracts from the tiles weather resistance or performance - providing your roof is kept clean of moss, lichens and other debris

Concrete tiles when treated with our unique system will have different colour results depending upon:

The age of the tile.

The direction the roof faces.

'Sand Faces' wear off naturally with time.

Check the contents of your gutters to determine how much 'sand' has been washed into them already!.


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