Specialist Roof Cleaning Services by Roof Revive


 Have you considered the condition of your Roof ?

Enhance the appearance of your roof

Prolong the life of your roof

Specially formulated detergent to remove all moss, algae & lichen

Specifically formulated spore inhibitor, to delay re-growth

Carried out by experienced professionals

Outstanding Value for Money

All aspects of hard-surface cleaning undertaken including driveways, patio's, decking, swimming pools, conservatories etc.

Also minor roof repairs such as:

- gable ends

- hip and ridge repair/replacement

- tile replacement

Full public liability insurance

All work guaranteed



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Roof algae, Moss and lichen can shorten the life of your roof and can ruin the appearance of your property.

Having your roof cleaned by roof revive can enhance the appearance of your roof & prolong the life of your roof.

The work is carried out by experienced professionals, fully guaranteed and outstanding value for money.

Why get your roof cleaned ?

Moss causes numerous problems on a roof. these are mainly due to it's 'sponge like' properties, which allows it to retain many times it's own volume in water!!


Water laden moss freezes during winter months - causing "frost heave" and "ice dams" - these can cause damage to tiles, valleys and ridges - not to mention the stress caused by extra weight! - this water is then transferred into the cement work which can then freeze and loosen ridge tiles and damage valleys.


Lichens 'etch' themselves into the surface of the tiles - looking unsightly and causing irreparable damage. Lichen prefers more sunny, south facing elevations and quite literally, etch themselves into the very fabric of your tiles therefore causing damage as well as looking unsightly.



Our services cover

surrey, london, middlesex, oxfordshire, berkshire, buckinghamshire, hertfordshire, essex, kent, sussex, hampshire, bedfordshire, milton keynes & wiltshire


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More Pressure washing services include • Patio's • Driveways • Swimming Pools • Conservatories and more.
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